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I stumbled upon the Douglas Law Firm by happenstance and since day one the firm has exceeded my expectations. The professional, prompt and courteous nature of all the staff has been a major factor in making a litigious matter into a more palatable experience. Without this law firm, I truly do not know where I would be. No matter what the situation this firm has bent over backwards to assist me with my case. I have hired several attorneys in the past and none of them can compare. If you are looking for an attorney who cares and makes time for you, then look no more!

- Q.B.

My name is James A.  I retained the Douglas Law Firm after being injured as a federal agent for ICE in 2018.  I live in California, and long story short. I found the Douglas Law Firm after searching the internet trying to find someone who dealt with federal workers compensation cases.  After getting Andrew the documents needed for my case. Which had been denied. Andrew Douglas had my case resolved with back pay within two months of the refiling date.   Amazing thorough  work on his and the firms part.  If I had to rate the services rendered it would be 100%.

- J.A.

I was a complete mess! I had a head/brain injury and trying to get my OWCP case approved. After my second denial letter came, I was in tears and had no idea what to do and that’s when The Lord sent me Andrew Douglas’s information. From the first time I talked with him I was comfortable and knew that he would take care of my case. He walked me through every step and kept in contact through the process and even after my case was approved. I don’t know what I would have done without him. Now I’m getting the medical help I need so I can return to work. 

- S.H.

Andrew Douglas has been my voice of reason and direction in a very painful and upsetting time in my life. He has explained the confusing OWCP process to me in layman terms; set up my expectations on how slow the OWCP process can be; and directed me on what I need to obtain from my treating physicians. His rates are reasonable and has been able to work with my limited budget since I've been out of work. Hiring Andrew has been the best decision I have made and hope to have a positive outcome from this in the long run. My goal is to get better enough to be able to be back gainfully employed soon.

- D.F.

Attorney Andrew M. Douglas of The Douglas Law Office, PLLC has been my guide to better understand and work through the complicated Federal Workers Compensations system.  Without the expertise and knowledge of Attorney Andrew Douglas and his law firm I do not know what I would have done.  He has not only exceeded my expectations by answering calls and emails while on vacation abroad but has ensured that all aspects of my case have been covered.  His help with OWCP has lessened my stress so that I can focus on my recovery and getting back to work.  Until I found Attorney Andrew Douglas, it had been a nightmare to try to work with the OWCP case workers and system.  With Mr. Douglas assisting my case, I feel confident it is being dealt with properly and I am no longer lost.  His support has been invaluable and is allowing me to better heal and recover.  I am truly blessed to have found someone as dedicated as Attorney Andrew Douglas.  I encourage anyone struggling with the OWCP system to contact him and discuss your case.     

- S.G.

Andrew Douglas and his office provided exemplary service demonstrating his professionalism and personal attention to all details of my on going case with the Department of Labor Office of Workers Compensation. Andrew's attitude to the work he does not only saved me from a ton of anxiety but a clear view through all the red tape that comes up in a case like mine. He helped me through unforeseen circumstances that have arose throughout the process of my case things that a normal lay-person would not see or catch. These issues are unforeseen and he has kept his finger down ready to go and spring into action when ever he is needed. Andrew knows them all and may foresee them before issues happen, he is experienced to prevent them, and to give you the right advice on time, before you make any decision that is detrimental to your OWCP case. I continue to have questions and issues arising in my case and he is always readily available for a phone consultation about these issues to answer any questions that may arise when ever they do or will answer by email as soon as he can. I have never seen an attorney with his attention to details and to clients. Every day I thank the Lord for guiding me to Andrew and his law firm to guide me through the process with the Office of Workers Compensation. My advice to any potential client affected by an issues with the OWCP to call Andrew and I promise you will not be disappointed. Please call Andrew if you have any issues with the Office of Workers Compensation you will not regret it! He is knowledgable in everything that has to do with federal employee issues with Federal Workers Compensation and I am telling you as his client you will not be dissatisfied!

- T.E.

I highly recommend the Douglas Lawfirm. Very professional and kept open line of communication throughout the entire process. They kept me informed through emails/phone calls and my case was handle in a timely manner. Very affordable.

- K.P.

Contracting with Mr. Douglas to represent me with OWCP was the BEST decision I have made concerning my case.  His representation made an instant impact on my OWCP issues.  Once OWCP received his letters they immediately corrected the two issues he addressed for me, OWCP literally fixed the issues on the same day. This potentially saved me many thousands of dollars, months of fighting OWCP and instantly relived my OWCP stress and anxiety.   I highly recommend the Douglas Law Office, dealing with OWCP is difficult at best, and this is my second time around.  The first time was stressful, took months and I was unhappy with the result of ‘going it alone’.  This time I used an attorney, Mr. Douglas, and it made a night and day difference.  I am grateful for his assistance.  Also the way Mr. Douglas uses a contract vs. a retainer fee made it easier, less expensive and he used a simple contract vs. the lengthy legal documents I found being used by the other attorneys I contacted.  If I again find myself with an OWCP issue I will not hesitate to contact him again.

- J.C.

For some time, I had been unsuccessful with my Schedule Award claim.  I had attempted to navigate OWCP’s process on my own and found it to be overwhelming.  After researching OWCP attorneys on the Internet, I found the Law Office of Andrew Douglas website.  I contacted him via email and shortly I received a phone call from Mr. Douglas.  He introduced himself, detailed his experience working with OWCP, answered all of my questions, and quoted me a fair price.  He guided me from the initial paperwork process, to obtaining an OWCP doctor, until I was finally awarded my Schedule Award.  Mr. Douglas is an attorney that is truly committed to ensuring his clients receive the schedule awards they deserve.  Having hired the Douglas Law Office was one of the best decisions I have made in my life.  I highly recommend the Douglas Law Office to anyone that needs assistance with issues regarding Federal Workers’ Compensation.      

- G.P. 

Mr. Douglas has continually exhibited the highest professionalism during every method of correspondence with myself and OWCP. He is an expert in navigating the very convoluted and stressful path created by the US Department of Labors’ Office of Workers Compensation Program (OWCP). Additionally, Mr. Douglas has been very patient with me while I am dealing with the pain and stress caused by my work-related injury. Unfortunately, unnecessary stress from OWCP and an employer can be very burdensome and time consuming. Not only is this process convoluted, stressful, and time consuming, it is easy for an injured worker to be taken advantage of without the right representation. Unless you are well versed with the laws and regulations dictating the operational process of OWCP, do not fight a life changing injury without professional help. I don’t say this lightly; from the first free call and consultation, through numerous stressful issues related to the OWCP program, Mr. Douglas has been a wonderful type of guardian angel. For those of you on the edge because of cost, I say don’t chance your medical and financial future on your own inexperience. Mr. Douglas fees are very reasonable and very well worth the investment. I highly recommend Mr. Andrew Douglas Esq. as a superb representative regarding your work related injury and OWCP.

- T.M.

Workers Compensation was extremely difficult to navigate on my own and I realized I needed the expertise of an Attorney. After researching and speaking to many attorneys, I finally found Andrew Douglas. Mr. Douglas was forthcoming in his information on what to expect and how long the process would take. He did not hesitate to advise how we would proceed. The competency he displayed made me confident I made the correct choice. He proved to be knowledgeable and honest at every turn. He projected a confidence that made a very stressful situation easy to handle. He always replied to emails in a timely fashion and took the time to speak to me directly. He answered all questions and was always pleasant. His professionalism and advice surpassed my expectations. I feel I was very fortunate to have had Mr. Douglas assist with my claim and would highly recommend him without reservation. I am extremely grateful to Mr. Douglas for his time and efforts.

- F.N.

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