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If you have suffered a traumatic injury or developed a condition over time and are considering filing a CA-1 Traumatic Injury or a CA-2 Occupational Disease, our office can guide and assist you with filing your claim, giving you a better chance to have your claim accepted from the start. 


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If you have received an unfavorable decision on your OWCP claim, our office can help. Whether it be a denied claim, denied compensation, a termination of your benefits, or some other kind of unfavorable decision, our office has the knowledge and experience to guide and assist you in appealing this decision. In most situations, you have a year to file a Reconsideration Appeal. If you are approaching this deadline, contact our office immediately! 




You might already have an accepted claim with the OWCP, but perhaps only some of your diagnosed work-related conditions were accepted or you’ve developed additional conditions as a result of your work injury or accepted conditions. Our office can help you determine whether these additional conditions could be added to your OWCP claim and help expand the coverage of your claim. 



If your employing agency has offered you a light duty position and you are unsure whether you have the ability to perform the duties of the position, are unsure what your rights are, or have already received notification from OWCP that this job offer is suitable, our office can help. If you are being pressured to return to work, our office can guide and assist you in your return to work and advise you of your rights under the FECA. 



Have you received a proposed termination of benefits? Do you believe that the OWCP might be looking to terminate your benefits soon? Perhaps OWCP has determined that you no longer suffer from any residuals or ongoing disability from work as a result of your work injury, or has determined that you refused suitable work. Proposed terminations have a 30 day deadline so be sure to contact us as soon as possible to coordinate your response. 




Under the FECA, you may be entitled to a Schedule Award if there is permanent impairment to a scheduled member of the body as a result of your work injury. A Schedule Award is typically paid for a set number of weeks based on the percentage of impairment that you are given for your work injury, and in some cases may be received as a lump sum. Our office has helped on over $2,500,000 worth of awards and can guide and assist you with your claim for a Schedule Award. 



Have you have been having difficulty obtaining authorization for a surgery on your OWCP claim? Quite often you will need to upgrade the accepted conditions on your case or obtain additional information from your doctor. Our office has helped obtain authorization for many surgeries and can assist you in determining why the surgery is not being authorized and seeking authorization for the surgery. 




OWCP often sends out letters requesting additional information for your case and providing you with 30 days in which to respond. This could be after your claim was filed in order to accept your case, or for a claim for compensation, a surgery approval, or other issues. Our office can review the letter and assist you in providing a response within the allotted time. If you have received a development letter from OWCP, contact our office immediately! 



Is the issue you are having not listed above? Our office is familiar with other OWCP issues as well and has the resources to investigate the applicable law and offer you guidance. If you have another issue on your OWCP case that you would like assistance with, please contact us for a free initial consultation today. 

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